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Humans of Pink Innings - Salma Memon

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Challenges are in abundance, empowerment is the Solution Believes Salma Memon. Salma Memon a young Dynamic Social Worker from Mumbai. She is working from her tender age of 10 for the society and she is now just 25 year old. She has created a legacy to leave behind, legacy in form of goodness, legacy in form of Successful Students by supporting in Education field who are an asset to the society and leaders for the better tomorrow.

Challenges are in abundance, empowerment is the Solution
Salma - UMEED Ki Kiran

She believes in creating leaders not the followers. She prepares the students not just for exams but for life. Her joy lies in seeing others Happy. She lost her father at a very young age and had to face great difficulties for her own education. This experience left her touch her life and Salma made Motto of her life to help everyone around who walks in her life with a appeal to seek help. Be it for Education, Old age home, Madrasa, Orphanage, individual help, cancer institute, Blood Donation , hospitals, marriages and so on in short she is there everywhere.

Salma is working as a Director -Social Ambassador of Education Project at Indian Development Foundation (IDF) from last 11 years and Founder Initiator of UMEED Foundation. Social Work is her Passion and Teaching is her Profession for her livelihood. She is an epitome of Goodness, she is been spreading goodness selflessly all around.

Salma is a great innovator, who innovates new idea into Social Development Model and try to see how it can be implemented. One such innovative project is UMEED, which is Ray of Hope for 450 students in Mumbai. Salma Supports them for Education need that is Academic Fees, Books, Bag and all other things that is needed along with personal coaching and guidance. The child who use to score 35-40% is now scoring 70% and above that's an achievement for us and it drives me more crazy to support them says Salma. She believes Education is the Key role to bring the change in their life. These Students Belongs to a Under Privileged background, Slum Area, Financially poor and are single parent child or orphan. She says my project is different from others because there are many NGO's who work for Education support but actual need and focus are into slums where rarely people are able to reach, Especially for those who are Average Scorers, she believed and proofed it that Children are not average, their life circumstances have made them average. If these children will not be motivated or get support then there will be increase in dropouts from school.

For this project Salma's own Brother Sohab Memon is a motivation because of Hard time and family circumstances at home he left his studies, today he is uneducated and with so many responsibilities on shoulder he is working on daily wages. No more such Sohab should be created or face the same is her aim behind the Project UMEED. Midas touch is Gifted to her by God, she is been chosen to do such noble deeds. Once she touches the life of someone, changes and success is seen for sure. Friends around call her as Angel or Salma - UMEED Ki Kiran because she has touched thousands of life and proofed that Where there is a Will there is a Way and anything can be achieved even if you have nothing except Mothers Love, Blessings, Strong Determination, Hard work, Dedication and friends who trust and support, Without all this it was next to impossible to reach out to many says Salma.

In these 15 years of Journey, she is been a Role Model for the Youth and inspired many young minds. Her service for any cause is available 24 x 7 Selflessly and unconditionally. For her dedication into Humanitarian Service towards society she has received more than 300 Accolades in National and International level. Accolades like Mother Teresa Award, Best Speaker, Best NSS leader, Best Social Ambassador, Best Social Activist, Best Social Action Award, Indian Icon Award - An Inspiring Leader for Change, Pride of the Nation award, Best Social Leader, Best Social Media Co-coordinator , Best Officer from Crime Control Research Organization , India Excellence, Pride of the Nation, I Volunteer, Top 100 Leaders of India, Top 50 Innovators Across the world, Social Youth Champion ,Young Achiever WOW Award, Mahatma Gandhi Saman ,Bihar Leadership Award ,Young Achiever, Social Worker of the year, Mumbai Ki Social Hero, Youth Champion, Swami Vivekananda Youth Champion Award, Best Teacher Award by SEWA , Nation Builder Award, Shaheed Bhagat Singh Social Messenger Award, Young Social Worker Award, Women of the year award, Maa tere Naam Humanity Award, Rising Star Youth Icon Award, International Wonder Woman Award, Best Teacher Award by Rotary , National Women Excellence Award Hum Honge Kamyab Award ,Mai Hoon Beti Award, Shoorveer Award ,Indian Icon Award ,Super 30 Teacher Award and many more the list is endless.

The message that Salma Memon want to Convey is ,Women are the root of society, holding it together .Women are the thread that runs through the fabric of the society and women has the power to bring the change so let’s join hands together to serve the society unconditionally in the better way and bring the change that we wish to see.

As narrated to Sailesh Mishra

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