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Humans of Pink Innings - Manasi Pandey

I am, Manasi Pandey, a Holistic Life Coach, Tarot Consultant , Healer, Event Organizer, Event stylist and an Emcee. In short, a multitasking mom of two teenage sons. How do I manage all? Well, I believe in prioritizing and living in parts and moments. My Vision in life is to empower more and more people with super powers that good emotional health brings. My Mission is to make a difference in the world by spreading the simple joys compassion brings. I am into coaching and an active social worker for over a decade now. I work for women empowerment and mental, emotional health support for startups and female entrepreneurs. I am a simple person who believes in compassion and mindfulness as ways to a meaningful and happy life. My community Life N More stands for the purpose #lifeisprecious and my inspiration behind creating a support system for women and in general, was my own struggle.

I chose to rise. I chose to  shine. I chose to love. I chose to live.
I chose to rise. I chose to shine. I chose to love. I chose to live.

I was brought up in a home where my parents had priorities set, where my father worked and my mother chose to be a homemaker. The relationship between my parents, strengthened my belief that marriage is a beautiful thing and family first. I was the eldest and a very hyperactive kid, the only one amongst the siblings to have attended playschool way back in the 70's. At school, I was an average student, but always scored first division in academics and excelled in extracurricular activities. We could afford everything but the value of money and gratitude was literally taught to us by our parents. Never was my father's position as a Class 1 Government official ever misused, because of which we were always paying attention to the important things in life. I am forever grateful for the upbringing my parents gave us. Today, this is the reason why I do not worry or like to think too much about problems and am continuously moving forward. Just like everyone else, my life is also full of good and bad memories but I choose to remember the good ones as gratitude is 100% the way of life.

I had an early marriage at 18 yrs as my father had a health scare and destiny brought a husband who has been a great learning experience and support as my life partner. We studied together, made our individual careers and my respect for him as a self made man is immense because with no dowry, education by merit, he has made a career all by himself. Being a cancerian, home is my first love. Not a very ambitious girl then, I enjoyed being a homemaker initially. Though I did work part time and tried to create a balance between family and my goals. Life is beautiful and paradoxical at the same time. While, we were going great, achieving heights in our careers, were blessed with children, had everything we dreamt of, something was unwell and amiss between us. Life is beautiful and paradoxical at the same time. We are amazing individuals, but marriage as we thought it should be, did not work out for us, but we never gave up on each other. Though it did leave me with a sense of sadness and had a negative impact on my health and life for a while. Probably, I was too involved in the kids and he in his career. Despite this, I had immense faith on our relationship him and he never let me down. He is a wonderful father and an amazing human being. Today we are stronger as friends and family today than ever before.

I remember there came a phase in my life when I had only one goal and that is to bear a child. It was the toughest phase, which left me with an identity crisis, anger, dismay but that's what prompted me to take my career seriously. I got a good job as personality groomer and coach for children and adults. I was promoted to head of two branches in a short span of time. After both my children were born, I was on a break for two years but I thoroughly enjoyed my role as a mother. My two children, are a blessing. They have brought me so much joy and happiness. I had learnt to respect my talents, skills and blessings by then . It was a challenge initially, but it was a good idea to start early. My children were never my stumbling blocks and today I give them complete credit for my success. If it was not for their co-operation, I would not have been able to make it.

Today as I look back, I realise that have been multitasking for more than 17 years as a Holistic Life Coach, Counselor, Tarot Consultant, Energy Healer and Event Stylist, Anchor and Mompreneur. My most recent achievement being that I was felicitated with a crown and title, Queen of Hearts at All India beauty peagent, Charismaa Ms and Mrs . Basically I am doing everything that I love. I have authored a book in 2012 titled Life O Life. I had a gift studio in 2013 but had to shut it down due to financial and personal issues. In 2013, I had a near death experience as I suffered a nerve stroke and was bed ridden for almost 3 months with a statement that I may never be able to walk or dance normally. Again 2018 March, shook me as, I suffered a spine injury and my left side of the body stopped responding. But here I am walking and dancing again thanks to the invincible will power and blessings. I am a seasoned life blogger. I love to pick simple topics and give them life with simple words so that the impact is subtle but meaningful. Currently I am working on writing more books, perusing DBT, practising counseling and therapy, Tarot, doing events and on the way to go live as an RJ officially. Along with this, I'm enjoying life with my family. Success is real and so was my struggle with my own conditioning, living up to the expectations and being a bit too lenient.

Has it been easy? No, but my message to all of you out there is - look at yourself with love and accept your shortcomings and uniqueness as a gift. Now 45 and roaring, the experience plus the zest is constantly growing. My hunger to live a more meaningful and detailed life has increased. No life is complete without struggle or problems and it is the same for all of us. The only way out is by living it mindfully. So do not quit when you feel tired, pause, take a deep breath and move on. If you feel you have no choices left, turn right and go somewhere you have never been. It's all in the head but more than often the heart is blamed. Do not regret a single mistake or decisions made in life, because I believe that all that happens, is for a reason and the intention is evolution of the soul.

How did I get up again? Well, I did not rush into anything. I remained true to myself and trusted the universe. I allowed help and support from the doctors to family and friends and continued believing in the people who mattered. I learnt to receive with gratitude and without shame and in the power of "I can". Fold your hands in prayers of gratitude every night for everything you have and use your energy wisely. That's how I survived, miscarriages, emotional trauma, semi paralysis and spine injury. Always remember and believe that it is your life, your journey and your responsibility towards the falls and rise. We have a choice to believe the negative or the positive, I chose to rise. I chose to shine. I chose to love. I chose to live.

As narrated to and edited by Hira Mehta

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