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Humans of Pink Innings - Anjali Gadoya

My story is not sympathy. It’s a story you learnt to live without your parents, how an individual become a challenger. I was born as an ugly baby.

Anjali Gadoya, a grandmother, a proud Breast cancer survivor
Anjali Gadoya, a grandmother, a proud Breast cancer survivor

My parents disliked me as I had a very dark complexion and was fat as well. They enrolled me in an orphanage at Kolkata for girls only. At the age of 3, I entered the boarding school and came out to my parents back at the age of 14. During this tenure I learned how to become a good dancer and the boarding was like my family as I received loads of love and care and they raised me as a good culture mannered human being. I was extremely naughty as well as dull in studies. I could only communicate in Bengali language and very basic English.

My father somehow got to know that I had become a very good dancer and he surprisingly came to pick me up from the boarding, still I was very dark and fat. After such a long period of time had realized that they still disliked me whereas they liked all my 7 siblings and always treated them with love and care.

After returning from the boarding realized that I could not communicate and understand the language what my siblings use to talk due to which they started ill-treating me and always use to address me as “kali”. For some reason they use to always giggle around and made my mimicry as well. I felt aloof and wanted to go back to my boarding but as I was new in Mumbai I hardly had friends and it was the most difficult phase of my life.

Life was playing a dirty joke on me. As my father was stringent in nature I decided to study further. After joining school I hardly could understand anything as the curriculum was in English and hence failed in my examination. After this failure I had decided to join typing class and happen to meet some friends. I was so devastated with my life that I had planned to commit suicide. However, I happen to meet my hubby through one of my common friend from the typing class. He was shocked to hear my entire story and always encouraged me for positivity in life. Finally, we got married and settled down with 2 lovely kids.

Both my children have been settled and then in the year 2015 I was detected with Cancer. Life was always a challenge and due to the support from my hubby and family I accepted this challenge as well. I have no contact with my parent but my Mother-in-law was like a mother to me. She loved me like her own daughter. I can say mother is MA but today I wanted one hug from my parents, but never I can say that I am God’s child. However, I have become strong and can face the world.

After detecting cancer, I started engaging myself in activities like swimming, diving, dancing which includes Pole dance, Belly dance, folk and acting. Presently, learning Ariel and performing stage shows as well.

Cancer gave me a different outlook of life and made me more prudent & practical. I am proud to be a cancer survivor and I encourage people who are going through the same battle, to be a brave warrior and never give up.

I am happy to win V.G. Mrs. India Iron Lady award recently from V.G. Mrs. India pageant which took place in New Delhi, whereby there were loads of women above 50 who had participated as well. Additionally, have also received a Mrs. Vile Parle Grand Mom Jury award which took place in October, 2019 at Star Sahara Mumbai.

Recently, I have joined a NGO in my vicinity which is “Race-to-Rein in cancer.”

Today, I am happy with my own family. I love to make new friends. I have loads of friends in my vicinity and I am proud to be Mrs. Anjali Mahesh Gadoya. My motto in life is to spread smile and be happy.

Lastly, have fought like a Queen and won like a Boss and proud to be a Cancer survivor.

As narrated to Sailesh Mishra

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